March 3, 2021

Bucks: New Site to Buy and Sell Remodeling Supplies

You know they’re out there, in your garage: Boxes of tiles, left over from that bathroom remodeling project; old doors; maybe even an odd chandelier that doesn’t fit your current décor. You keep thinking you’ll have a yard sale and get rid of all that stuff but never get around to it.

Sound familiar?

It does to Matt Knox, co-founder and chief executive of DiggersList, a Web site that aims to provide an online marketplace for leftover remodeling and construction materials, as well as consumer items, that are looking for a new home. The Los Angeles-based company started the site in late 2009, primarily as a site for contractors, but it serves lots of do-it-yourselfers, too. It’s most active in major metropolitan areas.

A key attraction is the site’s relationship with The ReStore, the Habitat for Humanity affiliate that sells used and surplus construction and home-improvement materials. If you post something on Diggerslist and it doesn’t sell, you can opt to donate it — and a ReStore representative will pick it up so that ReStore can try to sell it.

About 250 of the roughly 700 ReStores have a presence on DiggersList, Mr. Knox said. The site recently enhanced its offerings by creating storefronts for the ReStores, so people can see what’s available at their local outlet. A new feature, he said, will allow users who “follow” a particular ReStore electronically (similar to following an account on Twitter) to monitor deals they are interested in and receive coupons from the store.

A good part of the site’s traffic, though, is consumer-to-consumer sales. Mr. Knox says. For example, he wants to build a patio in his backyard and just bought a load of bricks from a seller in a neighboring community. It’s local, so “I’ll drive over to get them,” he says. But some items are small enough to ship and can be purchased even if users are located outside the market where it’s for sale.

Offerings include reclaimed barn boards, stainless steel bar sinks and an impressive variety of commodes.

Users can register on the site free and post their items free; eventually, premium offerings may be added for a fee.

Have you tried DiggersList? Let us know what you found.

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