April 20, 2024

You’re the Boss: Wells Fargo Bankers Will Take Your Questions

The Agenda

Today, we’re publishing an interview The Agenda conducted with Wells Fargo’s two top executives for small-business lending, Marc Bernstein and Doug Case. Small-business owners have criticized big banks — and Wells Fargo is among the biggest — for doing little to help them through the most difficult days of the recent recession, but Mr. Bernstein and Mr. Case were resolute. Whatever the merit of the complaints against the banking industry, the officials said, the complaints were misdirected when it came to Wells Fargo.

“We are cognizant that the situation was ripe for people to feel like we weren’t serving them, and we tried to do whatever we could reasonably do to help our customers,” said Mr. Bernstein. “But Wells Fargo has been committed to small-business lending for a quite a while now, and we know here that we don’t help our customers, our communities or shareholders by declining a good loan.”

We’d like to know what you think. And so, for that matter, would Mr. Bernstein and Mr. Case. The bank executives have agreed to answer questions from You’re the Boss readers. Please read the interview, then post your questions here. We’ll deliver the questions to them, and post their answers in this space.

Article source: http://feeds.nytimes.com/click.phdo?i=9a8406f3538557d0a71b534dc62585ce

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