January 24, 2022

Why Do Christmas Trees Cost More This Year?

Most artificial trees are imported and so are affected by slower shipping times and higher costs because of the pandemic, he said. “Supply is flat, but demand is up.”

The average price of an artificial tree last year was $104, according to Mr. Harman’s association. Fancier models, however, can cost more than $1,000. Typically, he said, retailers sell artificial trees at a discount to the price listed on the box, but shoppers can expect fewer reductions this year.

“You’re seeing a significant price increase, or a lesser discount,” Mr. Harman said. While you may pay more initially, an artificial tree can last for decades, he said.

Here are some questions and answers about Christmas trees:

The Christmas Tree Promotion Board offers an online retail search tool, as does the National Christmas Tree Association.

If you want to buy a tree early but don’t want to decorate it right away, take a few steps to store it properly, said Mr. Hundley of the National Christmas Tree Association. Have the seller cut off about an inch of the trunk and stand the tree in a bucket of water. The tree will draw the water into its trunk, preventing it from drying out. You can store the tree in a cool place, like an unheated garage or even outdoors — just avoid direct sunlight, which can dry out the tree.

When you’re ready to set up and decorate the tree, avoid locations near heat vents or fireplaces to keep the tree fresher and reduce fire hazards. And keep the base filled with water.

When the season is over, many communities offer recycling programs that turn Christmas trees into mulch. Or you can get creative. One idea: Set it up outside, decorated with peanut-butter-coated pine cones to feed backyard birds.

LED lights are the most energy efficient, cost-effective option for holiday lighting, according to the Edison Electric Institute. The Wirecutter, The New York Times’s product-rating affiliate, offers recommendations for the best brands.

Article source: https://www.nytimes.com/2021/12/03/your-money/christmas-trees-cost.html

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