December 11, 2019

Media Decoder Blog: CBS Renews 18 Prime-Time Shows

Flaunting the stability that has made it the top-rated network, CBS on Wednesday announced the renewal of 18 of its prime-time shows in one swoop, assuring that most of the network’s lineup will return next season.

Virtually all the calls were predictable because they included most of the ongoing hit series now on CBS. But for at least one show whose loyal fans may have been worried about the future, the news was surely a relief: “The Good Wife” will be back for a new season.

That drama has scored marginal-to-worse ratings on Sunday nights so its renewal had been the subject of some debate. But it is also by far the most prestigious drama on CBS, a network that is otherwise dominated by pure crime dramas.

Less of a surprise was the new order for “The Mentalist,” though there had been some talk about CBS passing on one more season of that crime drama. But CBS is also well known for retaining marginal shows at least one year past when their demise is expected.

Another questionable show, the reality series, “Undercover Boss,” was included in the list coming back as well.

Notably, CBS did not include one hit drama, “Criminal Minds,” in Wednesday’s announcement, but that is likely only delayed by renegotiations of contracts for the cast.

Several other dramas which are considered to be on the bubble — as the term for questionable renewal is known — are not necessarily headed for cancellation just because they were not included on the list announced Wednesday. The long-running “C.S.I. New York,” as well as the first year crime drama “Vegas” were not on the list.

But the top CBS shows all were, including the dramas, “NCIS,” “NCIS LA,” “Elementary,” “Person of Interest,” “Hawaii Five-O” and “Blue Bloods.” The network had previously announced it will also bring back the original, “C.S.I.”

CBS renewed four comedies: “The Big Bang Theory,” “Two Broke Girls,” How I Met Your Mother” and “Mike and Molly.” Not mentioned: “Rules of Engagement,” which has bounced back from extinction several previous times, but finally may be facing its final curtain.

CBS also renewed its two top reality series “Survivor” and “The Amazing Race” as well as its newsmagazines “60 Minutes” and “48 Hours.”

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