May 18, 2024

DealBook: JPMorgan Paid Dimon $20.8 Million in 2010

JPMorgan Chase paid Jamie Dimon, its chief executive, a total of $20.8 million last year, a substantial increase from $1.3 million he received in 2009, the bank disclosed Thursday afternoon in a regulatory filing.

Mr. Dimon’s big paycheck included a $5 million cash bonus for 2010, according the bank’s annual proxy statement. He received no cash bonus in 2009 as the financial crisis lingered.

In comparison, Goldman Sachs disclosed last week that it paid Lloyd C. Blankfein, its chief executive, a total of $19 million in 2010, including a $5.4 million cash bonus.

Mr. Dimon’s compensation included $14.2 million in restricted stock and options awarded in 2010 for his performance from the previous year. His salary remained unchanged at $1 million.

In its filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, JPMorgan noted that its calculation of Mr. Dimon’s 2010 compensation did not include the $17 million in restricted stock and options that he was awarded in February for his performance last year.

The big increase in Mr. Dimon’s compensation came in a year in which JPMorgan’s annual earnings jumped 48 percent, to $17.4 billion.

Mr. Dimon’s total compensation is still well below the $35.8 million he received in 2008, according to the filing.

His compensation last year included $95,292 for personal air travel, $45,730 for personal use of cars and $421,458 in moving expenses.

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