May 27, 2019

CNN’s Jim Acosta Has Press Pass Restored by White House

But Mr. Trump, a devoted news consumer who relishes his coverage, plays up his conflicts with reporters in part to excite his supporters. He has held far fewer formal news conferences than his predecessors, and the daily White House briefing has virtually disappeared on his watch.

Revoking Mr. Acosta’s White House badge was the most severe step yet, and it soon became apparent that the move would not pass legal muster: After suing last week, Mr. Acosta was granted the temporary return of his credentials by a federal judge.

A back-and-forth ensued over the weekend. Bill Shine, the deputy chief of staff for communications, sent a letter to Mr. Acosta that listed several reasons that his pass had been revoked, perhaps an attempt to satisfy the judge’s request for a clear rationale. CNN’s lawyers called the note an “after-the-fact concocted process.” By Monday afternoon, the sides had reached a resolution.

Aides to Mr. Trump say that the president does not mind answering questions, pointing to his numerous impromptu sessions with reporters during White House photo-ops and Marine One departures. The aides complain about reporters who they say do not respect the solemnity of the setting, even as Mr. Trump flouts many of the norms associated with his office.

“The White House’s interaction is, and generally should be, subject to a natural give-and-take,” Ms. Sanders wrote on Monday, suggesting that the onus was on the press corps to ensure that a “code of conduct” did not become necessary.

That notion read more like a warning — behave or else — and the Correspondents’ Association seemed unmoved.

“For as long as there have been White House press conferences, White House reporters have asked follow-up questions,” the group wrote on Monday. “We fully expect this tradition will continue.”

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