December 8, 2023

Bucks: Zipcar’s Liability Insurance: Is It Adequate?

This weekend’s Your Money column, about the liability insurance coverage that Zipcar and Hertz offer their car-sharing customers, ends with a question. After explaining that their policies wouldn’t come close to covering drivers who caused serious harm or death to another person, I wondered whether customers were still comfortable with the coverage limits.

It wasn’t meant to be rhetorical. If you think $300,000 (or much less at Hertz) is plenty, please explain why below. If you’ve already bought extra coverage for yourself because you think Zipcar’s insurance is inadequate, kindly share your reasoning.

And if you can think of a reason Zipcar wouldn’t want to offer extra insurance as an option — make money on it even — please let me know below. The company seems to think that the odds of a big claim are so low that all of its members are content with the current coverage.

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