March 3, 2021

Bucks: It’s Time to Go Long on Tomatoes

Yum, look at this basket of tomatoes!Jim Wilson/The New York TimesThe best investment right now might be tomatoes.

When the gang at Marketplace Money, the public radio show, called yesterday wanting to know what I was doing with my money amid the market meltdown, I suggested going long on a fleeting agricultural commodity: tomatoes.

Where I live, we get about eight weeks of good tomatoes if we’re lucky, so I’m allocating way more money than usual to an investment in crusty bread, mayonnaise, drippy red specimens from New Jersey and multihued heirlooms that look pretty on a plate. Oh, and the new local sea salt.

Seriously people, markets go up and markets go down. If you believe in capitalism, then you maintain faith that steadfast saving in stocks over the long haul will return enough money to allow you to retire someday. That means changing little about your portfolio now, unless it’s to sell winners to buy more of what is on sale.

Meanwhile, treat yourself to a smile-inducing experience, say eating tomato sandwiches every single day for two months straight.

Worrying about the markets, however, upsets your stomach, and that isn’t good for digestion.

Your thoughts?

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