February 28, 2024

Bits Blog: Apple to Announce New iPhone

Finally, it’s here.

After months of speculation about timing, shape and sizes, Apple sent out media invites Tuesday for a special event on Apple’s campus next week.

The invitation was sparse, with the headline simply saying: “Let’s talk iPhone.”

The event is Oct. 4 and will be at Apple’s campus in Cupertino, Calif. The invitation says it will begin with a “breakfast and coffee bar at 9 a.m.,” followed by an “executive presentation at 10 a.m.”

According to sources and rumors sprinkled all over the Web, the event will be held to announce the next generation iPhone 5.

The next generation iPhone is expected to have completely revamped hardware. The camera, processor and other internal organs will all receive drastic upgrades, according to reports. The design of the phone will be different too. Last month, images of an alleged iPhone 5 case appeared online, although only for a short period.

Some reports say Apple will release two phones during next week’s conference. An iPhone 5 and a less expensive model, possibly called the iPhone 4GS.

The iPhone has become the primary cash cow for Apple. The company sold 16 million of the phones during the first quarter.

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