January 19, 2021

Around the World at Home Series Lets Readers Explore Cultures

Christy Harmon, the series’ photo editor, selected images that would provide readers with a view of the destination, from iconic landmarks to telling snippets of everyday street life.

We kicked off the series last week in Paris. For my own Parisian night, I donned a striped mariniere and a casually draped scarf per guidance from Vanessa Friedman, The Times’s fashion director, filled my apartment with the jazz music of Django Reinhardt and fired up all four burners in my small kitchen in Manhattan to prepare a butter-laden feast featuring Sole Meunière from Melissa Clark’s recipe.

On Tuesday, we’ll take readers to Hawaii where they can craft a lei, make shave ice and meditate in a Maui palm forest. In the coming weeks, readers can join us as we virtually venture to Cartagena, Colombia; Tokyo; and Dakar, Senegal, a destination recommended by Sebastian. “I fell hard for that city during the 52 Places trip — it just has an energy that sticks with you long after you leave,” he said by email.

As the stories are published, I am eager to see how our readers interpret the prompt and find their own novel ways to immerse themselves in these cultures. I also hope locals jump in to the comments to share more inspiration with us, perhaps even a few tips we can use when we’re able to venture abroad safely again.

“Just because I can’t physically get on a plane (or 88 of them, like I did last year) doesn’t mean I can’t keep learning about the world around me — I am in better touch with friends around the world than I ever have been,” Sebastian said. “I spend hours and hours on Spotify diving deep into music scenes in Johannesburg, Rio, Tunis … I am reading more than I ever have. It feels like I’m still traveling sometimes — but it also feels like I’m getting myself ready for when I can travel again.”

Article source: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/11/24/insider/world-at-home.html

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