January 28, 2021

Special Section: Personal Tech: Gadgets to Outfit Everyone

Putting Technology to Work for Play

This year’s gift possibilities include scaled-down tablets for children, toys that talk and dance, and some creative uses for Apple devices.

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Special Section: Giving

strongARTS CAMPAIGN/strong Leon and Sandra Levine, with a Sheila Hicks work on exhibit at the Mint Museum Uptown in Charlotte, N.C.

Philanthropist Takes Hands-On Approach to Giving

Leon Levine, who founded Family Dollar Stores, approaches projects in the Charlotte, N.C., area in much the same way that he did his business.

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Special Section: Energy


Pinnacle’s Opposed Piston Engine

In this design, two pistons face each other, the space between them forming a combustion chamber. Eliminating the traditional cylinder head results in a lighter, cheaper and more efficient engine.

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Special Section: Your Taxes: Help on the 1040 and Beyond

A Marks  Spencer ad by WPP Group, which left Britain as its base. Stung by such exits, the nation is cutting corporate tax rates.

The Push to Trim Corporate Tax Rates

Advocates of lower rates point to other nations that have tackled the issue in the last two decades. But several hurdles, both fiscal and political, need to be cleared before any change occurs.

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