April 1, 2020

Bucks Blog: Tuesday Reading: Hip Surgery for a Better Sex Life

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Technology lets teachers know if students do the reading. (Business)

Student loan rate set to rise (again). (National)

Morning sickness drug returns to market. (National)

Buying airline tickets by the pound. (Business)

Shutting out the noise while traveling. (Business)

Hip surgery leads to a better sex life. (Well)

Morning after pill not a cure-all. (Well)

Remedies for nail fungus. (Well)

Walnuts may fend off diabetes. (Well)

A view of e-books from the inside. (Bits)

Advice shifts on feeding babies. (Well)

Teaching children to hide from guns and their fears. (Motherlode)

At ease with a body fighting gravity. (Booming)

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Bucks: Wednesday Reading: Cholesterol Drugs Can Increase Diabetes Risk

June 22

Wednesday Reading: Cholesterol Drugs Can Increase Diabetes Risk

Cholesterol-lowering drugs can increase diabetes risk, three essential steps to Facebook privacy, bookstores charge admission for author readings to raise revenue and other consumer-focused news from The New York Times.

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