September 21, 2021

Business Briefing | Regulatory News: U.S. Investigates Trade Complaint on Washers

The Commerce Department agreed to investigate a trade complaint by Whirlpool that said residential washing machines made in South Korea and Mexico were being sold below cost in America. The United States imported $1.1 billion of the washers from the two nations in 2010, the agency said. Whirlpool is requesting antidumping duties on LG and Samsung imports from South Korea and Mexico. The department also is considering whether to impose countervailing duties against the Korean products, to offset benefits of subsidies.

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Business Briefing | Company News: Whirlpool Files Antidumping Complaint on Washers

Whirlpool asked the United States to impose duties on washing machine imports made by LG Electronics and Samsung Electronics, saying the two companies sell washers made in Mexico and South Korea for less than the products’ fair value, undermining competition and threatening American jobs. Whirlpool also sought countervailing duties against imports from South Korea, saying that country’s government provided unfair subsidies. “LG strongly rejects any suggestion that it has sold clothes washers at dumped prices or that it has been unfairly subsidized,” a company spokesman, John Taylor, said. Ethan Rasiel, a Samsung spokesman, declined to comment.

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