March 29, 2023

Bits Blog: Yahoo’s Mayer Gets Hefty Pay Package

Yahoo said in a regulatory filing on Thursday that it would pay Marissa Mayer, its new chief executive, a base salary of $1 million a year — and then some.

Ms. Mayer, 37, is eligible for a $2 million annual bonus if she meets the company’s financial targets and up to $4 million if she exceeds them. She will also receive $12 million in stock this year, half of it in the form of restricted stock, the remainder in options.

To make up for what she left on the table at Google, Yahoo will pay Ms. Mayer an additional $14 million in stock. And it is giving her $30 million in stock as a one-time “retention equity award,” vesting over a five-year period.

Yahoo is paying Ms. Mayer more than it initially offered her predecessor, Scott Thompson, who was offered a $1 million base salary, a $2 million bonus and a stock package worth $22.5 million.

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