October 20, 2021

Media Decoder: Charlie Sheen Signs TV Deal for ‘Anger Management’

Charlie Sheen has made a deal that will — possibly — bring him back to television in a new situation comedy.

Mr. Sheen, whose turbulent departure from the hit CBS sitcom “Two and a Half Men” was among the most widely covered television stories of the year, has agreed to star in a remake of the movie “Anger Management” to be produced by the successful independent production company Lionsgate (“Mad Men,” “Nurse Jackie,” “Weeds”).

The proposed show, announced by Lionsgate on Monday, has no network deal yet, however.

An assortment of production entities are behind the project, including Joe Roth’s Revolution Studio, which produced the film that starred Adam Sandler and Jack Nicholson. The release announcing the deal described the show as only “loosely based” on the film. In the movie, Mr. Sandler played a businessman wrongly sent to an anger management program where he was matched up with an aggressive counselor, played by Mr. Nicholson.

Mr. Sheen will also have an equity stake in the project. He and Mr. Roth have worked on several films together, most notably the comedy hit “Major League.”

But the project lacks its most significant partner: a network willing to take a chance on Mr. Sheen. Lionsgate has relationships with multiple cable networks, including AMC, Showtime and TBS.

Article source: http://feeds.nytimes.com/click.phdo?i=b92841a47b44478257315d5e72af4877

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