November 15, 2019

Harvey Weinstein Is Said to Reach $44 Million Deal to Settle Lawsuits

The Weinstein Company is seeking to liquidate. In a recent bankruptcy filing, lawyers for the studio said the efforts to resolve legal claims by some of the women had stalled in recent months, and put additional strain on its dwindling resources.

A separate bankruptcy filing on May 15 described the mediation process as “highly adversarial” and said that at least 11 separate sessions had been held over a year.

Harvey Weinstein, 67, has pleaded not guilty to the criminal charges in New York.

He was initially indicted in State Supreme Court in Manhattan on sex-crime charges involving three women, including one who said that Mr. Weinstein raped her inside a hotel room at a DoubleTree in Midtown Manhattan in March 2013. The woman has not been identified in court papers.

He was also charged with forcing two other women to engage in oral sex with him. Lucia Evans, a marketing executive, said she was assaulted in his TriBeCa office in 2004, and Mimi Haleyi, a production assistant, said Mr. Weinstein assaulted her at his apartment in 2006.

The judge, James Burke, dismissed the charge related to Ms. Evans after the Manhattan district attorney’s office acknowledged that the lead detective on the case, Nicholas DiGaudio, did not disclose information from a witness who said Ms. Evans had provided a conflicting account of the alleged assault. But Detective DiGaudio, who has since been reassigned, has maintained that he did inform prosecutors.

Mr. Weinstein has denied the allegations and has said the relationships were consensual.

Earlier this year, Mr. Weinstein also replaced his longtime defense lawyer, Benjamin Brafman, with a new “dream team” of lawyers who have a history of representing celebrity clients. His criminal trial is expected to begin Sept. 9.

Soon after Mr. Weinstein built his new defense team, one of his star lawyers, Ronald S. Sullivan Jr., a law professor and a faculty dean of an undergraduate house at Harvard University, came under fire by students there for representing the Hollywood producer. This month, Harvard decided to end Mr. Sullivan’s term as dean on June 30, following months of pressure from students. Later, Mr. Sullivan withdrew from Mr. Weinstein’s defense team.

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