March 3, 2021

Business Briefing | MEDIA: Disney Reorganizes Its Retail Sales System

The Walt Disney Company said that it would reorganize its approach to mass-market retailers and named a movie distribution executive to lead the effort. The executive, Robert Chapek, formerly president of distribution for Walt Disney Studios, will take over as president of Disney Consumer Products, succeeding Andrew P. Mooney, who resigned as chairman of that division on Tuesday. Mr. Chapek’s first assignment will involve working with Disney’s various units to create a more consolidated way of interacting with retailers like Wal-Mart. Disney currently handles merchandising in a decentralized fashion. The company’s movie studio controls DVD sales. Disney Consumer Products manages apparel, toys and publishing. Another group oversees packaged video games. That means three different Disney teams typically interface with Wal-Mart and other big-box retailers. Disney’s goal is to increase efficiency by having one point of contact.

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